XirSys Cloud

Xirsys Cloud provides a robust WebRTC API and global cloud infrastructure for production-grade WebRTC applications and services

Our API was designed specifically for WebRTC based video, audio, and data.
It is 100% SDK agnostic.

//This example shows you how simple it is to get your ICE credentials

curl -s -H "Content-type: application/json" -XPUT "https://testaccount:092ad88c-e96d-11e6-8a3b-b0db56058b9f@global.xirsys.net/_turn/channelpath"

Global Network

Fully managed, expert supported, fault-tolerant network with a 99.95% uptime guarantee and end-to-end encryption.

NAT Traversal

Get higher call success rates with our battle-tested, load-balanced, globally distributed TURN servers.

SDK & Framework Agnostic

100% API driven, Xirsys works with any WebRTC application, framework or SDK, providing you freedom and flexibility.

Geographic Load Balancing

Ultra low-latency with service endpoints in 7 global regions, automatic geographic load balancing and unlimited scalability.


Secure web-sockets rapidly exchange data, including ICE candidates, to connect your users in real-time.

Data API

Use our Data API to exchange, store and retrieve data such as chat, application settings, logs, custom analytics and more.


Get in-depth insight into your usage and traffic patterns to better cater to your customers and understand their usage behaviors.

Sub Accounts

Provision and manage additional account users and assign limited permissions. The Accounts API is ideal for resellers and dynamic teams.

Easily and reliably connect your
WebRTC applications worldwide