Account & Billing

How does Xirsys bill for usage?

We offer tiered plans based on your bandwidth and storage requirements. Bandwidth is measured as the total sum of your server-relayed traffic, including TURN, 1-to-n broadcasting and data. We offer a free developer account so you can try our service, and you can upgrade or cancel at any time. All paid plans are include a 99.95% uptime guarantee, and 24-hour ticket support.

How do I know how much bandwidth I’ll use?

This depends entirely on the nature of your WebRTC application. You can use the following equation to help gauge your potential bandwidth usage based on TURN relay traffic. TURN relay traffic = number of participants^2 * stream bitrate * total seconds of transmission. A 1-minute one-to-one medium quality video call using TURN: 2^2 * 512 kbits/s * 60 s = 122,880 kbits = 15.3 MB bandwidth usage. Please keep in mind that STUN connections account for roughly 85% of all connections, whereas TURN only makes up 15% on average.

If I don’t use all of my bandwidth for a given month, will it roll over to the next month?
And what happens if I go over my allocated bandwidth amount?

Your monthly bandwidth allowance resets on the first day of each calendar month, and any unused bandwidth will be forfeited at the end of the month. If you exceed your monthly bandwidth allowance for any paid plan, you will be charged for overages, based on the plan you are subscribed to. Once you go over your bandwidth amount, you will start to receive emails letting you know you’ve exceeded your plan amount. You can have your overages waived, if you upgrade your plan before the end of the month to cover your additional usage. Otherwise, your credit card on file will automatically be charged at the end of the month for any overages. Overages are calculated based on a calendar month. If you are on the Free plan, your bandwidth limit is hard-capped, you will not be able to exceed your plan amount, you will need to upgrade your account in order to continue using the service.

Do I have to worry about a lengthy contract in order to use Xirsys?
Can I upgrade or downgrade my account any time?

Xirsys offers monthly plans without any contract, so you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time without penalty. You can upgrade or downgrade within your Xirsys dashboard, simply click either the Account tab on the left panel or click the Plans link at the top, then select the plan you would like and follow the steps to update your plan. When you upgrade, your credit card will be charged a prorated amount that is based on your billing cycle. When you downgrade, any unused bandwidth will be forfeited. There is no refund available for downgrading, we recommend that you downgrade at the end of your billing cycle.

What forms of payment does Xirsys accept?

Xirsys accepts credit card payments for the service - Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all accepted. Xirsys does not currently accept PayPal, GoogleWallet or other forms of payment at this time.

How do I update my credit card on file?

You can update your credit card on file at any time by logging into your Xirsys dashboard and clicking on the Account tab on the left panel. In the Manage Account Billing section, you will see the fields to enter your new card details, and then click the Update Card button.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

There is a Forgot Password link on the login page, this will allow you to reset your password. You may also reset your password at any time within your dashboard.

How can I change my ident, name or email address for my account?

You can update your email address or name on your account at any time through your dashboard in the Account section. You cannot change your ident - this is permanent.


Who do I contact for help or to submit a bug or request a feature?

We are always happy to help and hear any feedback. Please email us at experts@xirsys.com or call (415) 601-8483 with any questions, concerns, or feedback and we would love to see how we can help you.

Can I just access Xirsys’ STUN/TURN servers if I already have my own client-side framework?

Yes, you can access our STUN/TURN servers by via our API. You simply make a call to our /_turn endpoint before each connection and it will return an ICE string with valid credentials. You can then plug that into whatever application you are using. Or you can use the Static Turn credentials provided in your dashboard under the Manage Channels section.

What third party client-side framework can I use with Xirsys?

You can use any third-party WebRTC client-side framework with Xirsys. We have documentation and demos showing how to use Simple WebRTC with Xirsys.

How can I check if Xirsys’ service is down or having issues?

You can check our Status page here: https://status.xirsys.com. This monitors our service and will show you whether there is an issue or if all services are operational. You can subscribe to receive alerts if anything happens with the service, just click the Subscribe link at the top and follow the steps to enter your email.

I’m subscribed to the Free plan and my connections just stopped working, what happened?

Please check whether you have used up your bandwidth allowance for the month. This limit is hard-capped so you will no longer be able to use any bandwidth once you hit this limit, you will need to upgrade your account to continue using the service. Your bandwidth usage will reset on the first of the month. If you still have bandwidth available for the month, please email us at experts@xirsys.com and send us your ident, check your dev console for any errors and if you can get a Wireshark capture, please send us the pcap file.

Can Xirsys help me develop my application?

We can help refer you to one of our trusted development partners if you would like to send us your scope of work and budget, but we are not taking on development work at this time.

I need to whitelist Xirsys’ IP’s, do you have a list of all your IP’s?

Yes, we have a list of IP’s, please email us at experts@xirsys.com for the latest list.​


Is Xirsys HIPAA compliant?

Xirsys is a transmission-only service for live data and does not store any personally identifiable information. In addition, all audio and video data transmitted over the Xirsys service is by default transmitted with end-to-end encryption. For these reasons the Xirsys service is covered by the HIPAA Conduit Exception Rule.

What is Xirsys’ uptime guarantee or SLA?

We offer a 99.95% uptime guarantee and you can read our SLA policy in our terms of service.