XirSys Enterprise

Xirsys Enterprise provides you with WebRTC infrastructure you can custom configure and either deploy on-premise or have fully managed in the cloud.

Enterprise Managed Cloud

The Enterprise Managed option is for those who want to deploy on single-tenant clusters with custom domains, certificates, and configurations while allowing Xirsys to fully manage the servers and cloud infrastructure.

Full Xirsys API

You get Administrator access to the Xirsys API including user and session management.

Advanced Analytics

Central analytics collecting and reporting system for all services, users, and channels running on your Xirsys infrastructure.

Expert Assistance

We ensure your Xirsys infrastructure is optimally configured, deployed and maintained. 24/7 phone and email support, bug fixes, and software updates.

Global Network

Your choice of 7 global regions with 99.95% uptime SLA.

Enterprise On-premise

The On-premise option is for organizations who require end-to-end control of the deployment and management of their WebRTC infrastructure.

Flexible Licensing

Our licensing model scales simply based on the volume of maximum concurrent sessions.

Local development and deployment environment

Use your own local environment to configure, develop, test and deploy your Xirsys infrastructure.


Snap-in arbitrary services to your Xirsys system via Docker containers and instantly deploy across your entire cloud.

Enterprise Diagram