About Us

Xirsys is a WebRTC infrastructure and cloud platform provider.

XIRSYS is an acronym for Exchanging Information in Real-time Systems. Started in 2013, Xirsys was born from the belief that WebRTC would be the new standard for global communication. Now in its third version, Xirsys provides a robust global API, managed-enterprise and on-premise WebRTC infrastructure.

The Xirsys platform is based on WebRTC standards and is 100% client agnostic, giving the power to the developer to use the front-end technology of their preference.

Xirsys is built upon patented technology providing a distributed deployment architecture for advanced reliability, scalability and extendability. This creates superior uptime and allows for arbitrary 3rd party software to quickly become part of the Xirsys service and accessible through the API.

Although WebRTC is a more recent initiative, the Xirsys team have been leading experts in internet-based real-time communication (RTC) platforms for over 14 years as Influxis. This team is obsessed with providing the world-standard in RTC infrastructure and will continue this effort indefinitely.

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