We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Xirsys WebRTC Cloud version 3 beta. This new version is based on our recently patented technology and is a complete revamp of our service from its core. V3 is focused on reliability, extensibility, global coverage and developer support. With real-time data at the root of everything, your applications stay synchronized for your users across all data-centers and regions and will soon enable Xirsys to provide a 100% uptime guarantee.

V3 Feature List:
• Data centers: San Jose, California, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Melbourne, Australia. (More datacenters coming with production service)
• Federated global network, load balanced, ability to auto-scale
• Static TURN server credentials
• Built-in optimal geographic routing
• New analytics API including Grafana metrics
• New “Channel” based namespaces (rather than V2 domain/app/room)
• Robust data API for managing real-time and persistent data (KV4)
• Integrated web-sockets API
• Secure SSL Encryption (TLS, DTLS)
• Framework agnostic support for any 3rd party WebRTC client
• V2 backwards compatibility
• New dashboard
• Enterprise support

If you would like to try the V3 beta service, please create your account here: https://portal.xirsys.com

This is by far our biggest upgrade ever and your feedback is critical to us, so please do not hesitate to mention us on StackOverflow or send your questions, concerns and requests to experts@xirsys.com.

There are many more new features and datacenter locations coming soon. Please follow us on Twitter for future announcements

Thank you to all of you awesome people who use Xirsys! Your feedback is much appreciated!

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