XirSys V2 is HERE!

After many months of hard work, we are finally pleased to have launched our new XirSys V2 platform.  This update includes:

  • REST endpoints now accept JSON data for POST requests, not just URL-Form-Data.
  • New, more RESTful service endpoint API.
  • New signalling service API.
  • Full backwards compatibility with our original XirSys service endpoints and signalling.
  • New service architecture for easy scale and modification

What does this mean? The WebRTC platform still works the way you know and love with REST endpoints, signalling and TURN. However, our platform has been redesigned from the ground up for great flexibility, scalability and reliability. In addition, our new service architecture enables us to rapidly roll out new features, seamlessly, without any interruptions to your service.

We have some powerful new features currently in development which will auto-magically become available to you. We’ll let you know when they have gone live, please stay tuned!

How to migrate to XirSys 2.0

Paid accounts should email us at experts@xirsys.com and we will migrate your account and all of your application data for you.

If you have a free account, please re-register for a new account on our dashboard at https://dashboard.xirsys.com/signup.

Migrating to the new platform could not be simpler, and all existing applications should work with minimal fuss. Once you have your new XirSys v2 account and you have verified your applications are present, simply redirect your REST requests from api.xirsys.com to service.xirsys.com and you’re good to go.

Your old v1 account will continue to function normally and congruently with v2. We will notify you once a v1 EOL date has been determined.

Full documentation is included with our example XirSys v2 SDK at https://github.com/xirdev/xsdk.

We also have a full classic demo application based on the original API at https://github.com/xirdev/demo.

Thank you for your continued trust and support!

The XirSys Team 🙂

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