Walk-through tutorial : Xirsys Live Meeting

(This feature is enabled on all paid Xirsys accounts. You can view our live demo here)

Step 1:
Download and install command line tool: https://www.npmjs.com/package/xirsys
(see full docs here)

Step 2:
Update API from Terminal and check version

Step 3:
Get meeting token, supply your own meeting_id

Copy the returned URL and paste into your WebRTC compatible browser.

Enjoy your new SFU many-to-many meeting capabilities!

Other Xirsys live meeting related calls:

Check if there is a new reference to this meeting in the __meetings__ layer:

Get Xirsys uuid for the meeting back from our meeting_id:

Get the meeting usage info:

Feel free to email experts@xirsys.com with any questions or feature requests.