A few months ago we launched version 3 of the Xirsys platform (blog post here). We have been working hard getting it ready for production launch and we wanted to share some recent updates. We have received a lot of great feedback from our beta users that we have implemented, so thank you all for taking the time to test the new platform and please continue to send us your suggestions, we greatly appreciate it!
V3 Recent Updates:
Updated docs – We have restructured, redesigned and rewritten our API docs. (See the updated docs here)
Dashboard updates – We have created a new Start page for the Dashboard that includes getting started video tutorials. We have also added a PHP sample in the Quick Connect examples. (Login to the dashboard here)
Sub-account service – The _acc service allows the creation of full Xirsys sub-accounts that you may manage using the standard API. This gives you fully self contained stats and services for your sub-accounts. Learn more: https://us.xirsys.com:9000/api-accounts
Automatic global routing – You can now use global.xirsys.net instead of a specific region’s endpoint to automatically acquire the nearest data center based on your user’s geographic location. Simply use global.xirsys.net in your API calls and the rest is handled for you.
Status page – We have built a status page that monitors our entire V3 service and shows whether the service is running or if there is an issue or maintenance, so you can always check on the service status. Visit status.xirsys.com to subscribe and receive email alerts for issues and scheduled maintenance.
Frozen Mountain IceLink 3.0.12 – Support for Xirsys V3 and V2 is now shipping with the Frozen Mountain IceLink WebRTC SDK version 3.0.12. With this update IceLink users can now effortlessly integrate their Xirsys service. Learn more: IceLink + Xirsys
Click here to begin using Xirsys version 3 now

Stay tuned for more! Thanks everyone!!

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