In the run up to our new XirSys v3 deployment, we have added some updates to our Git repository which should make getting set up with XirSys a little easier.


The first update is a new SimpleWebRTC demo, which is part of our XSDK repository.  This new demo uses not just our TURN servers, but our signalling as well.  To use this new demo, simply check it out from Git and update the file in “examples/xirsys_connect.js”.  This file should contain all of your connection details, such as ident, secret key and room data.

Now, just simply run the demo using your favourite development server from the root of the XSDK repository.

The demo should now run.  If you open two windows, you can create a room in one window and connect in the other.  The demo is automatically set up to create a new room in the XirSys dashboard when you enter a new room name in the room input field, if it does not already exist.

Google AppRTC

Our other updates regard the Google AppRTC demo applications.  The XirDev Github account contains a new xirsys-apprtc-ice repository which is a modified version of Google’s offering, but with the inclusion that it will work directly with XirSys’ TURN servers.  The configuration for your account can be found in

Be sure to update this file before using the application.

Google AppRTC for iOS Swift

To coincide with the AppRTC repo, we also have an iOS client demo which is modified to work with it, under the apprtc-ios-xirsys-ice repository.

More to come…

We are also actively working on modified versions of the AppRTC demos, including one for Android, which not only use XirSys TURN servers but will also utilise XirSys signalling as well.  This will give much greater power and simplification to the demos and will allow for easier modification should you choose to use them as a starting point for your application.  These projects will likely be released a little time after our upcoming v3 release to ensure they make the best possible use of the new service features.

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