We’re looking forward to Forward JS

July 21, 2014

We’re pretty damn excited for an event this Friday in San Francisco called Forward JS. The event brands itself as more than the usual tech conference — it’s a rally for innovation. The best and the brightest of the industry will surely be there, and we want to make sure we’re doing our part in evangelizing WebRTC to the masses; it’s a technology the world should know about. It actually surprises us that we’re going to be the only WebRTC company there sponsoring the event!

Forward JS
Since this is a JavaScript conference, we feel like we’re going to fit in perfectly. WebRTC is mostly JS, especially if you’re someone who only wants to deal with the technology’s easy-to-use frontend and steer clear of the perilous journey through the land of dragons that is its middleware (signaling) and backend (STUN and TURN servers). A lot of our clients have actually just worked with frontend WebRTC APIs, hooking their apps into our service, and deploying at a very fast rate. It’s not too difficult to learn WebRTC, and the shipping time is fantastically short. These are some of the things we want to share with conference attendees who meander to our booth!

On top of a slew of wonderful workshops, the core of our excitement can be attributed to Forward JS’s list of phenomenal speakers. We’re very interested in Guillermo Rauch’s talk about Socket.IO; he’s actually the technology’s creator. It’d be interesting to learn how he sees the world of real-time communication evolving and what we can expect in the upcoming future. I’m sure much of what Guillermo will talk about can be gracefully applied to WebRTC’s signaling protocols.

Guillermo Rauch’s enigmatic profile picture
Our next person of intrigue is Phil Leggetter with his talk on building frontend web apps that scale. It looks like he’s going to focus on training, perhaps even building a live app onstage. These concepts are absolutely vital to deploying a highly scalable WebRTC app, especially if you’re using a highly intensive JS WebRTC client API, and especially if you’re rolling out a frontend client of your own. This is a must go to if you’re interested in creating real-time web applications!

Phil Leggetter
Bonus level: Christian Heilmann, a developer evangelist at Mozilla. We love everything that Mozilla does for the Open Web movement, and it’d be very rewarding to learn exactly how we got to this point and what further steps are needed to make the Internet more wide and open to millions (and billions) more. We are the innovators of the future, so we’re in charge of making the web faster, safer, and overall — better, for those who have been with us and for those to come. It’d be also very interesting to pick Mozilla’s mind on their vision of the future of WebRTC.

Christian Heilmann
So stop by our booth and learn a thing or two about the bleeding edge web technology that is WebRTC. We’ll do our best to enlighten you. We hope to do our part in evangelizing this technology so the best and the brightest (people like you) can have the knowledge and power to unleash the next wave of cost-effective and revolutionary communication websites and apps across all devices. Let’s change the way we communicate.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Forward JS!



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