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We provide WebRTC hosting, developer tools, and 24/7 hands-on support
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  • We do far more than video chat. We're innovators.
  • Audio / text chat, file share, screen share, streaming,
    data channels, gaming, robotics, and beyond!
  • Don't waste time setting up your own WebRTC platform.
  • We'll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your dream.

Simple pricing based on
bandwidth usage, not minutes.

We understand that WebRTC allows for very diverse use cases, from video chat to robotics. So we decided the fairest billing model is one that meters bandwidth instead of minutes. Bandwidth usage is the total sum of your client-to-server traffic. And luckily for you, WebRTC is mostly a client-to-client technology.

Webrtc cloud

Human-friendly API.

We provide simple JavaScript components that seamlessly bring real-time communication right into your existing applications. And the knowledge to start an entirely new project from scratch. Hassle-free.

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About us

Over 11 years of experience with real-time communication.

While others are just starting to explore the realm of WebRTC, we’ve been the number one hosting specialist of Flash RTC for over 11 years and continue to provide service to thousands of customers, including many of the largest brands in the world.

From the very beginning, we've believed that real-time communication on the web would revolutionize the world. And in 2002, we became the first company to exclusively offer a Flash RTC hosting service under the brand of Influxis, enabling our customers to stream and collaborate on the web in real-time. Since then, we've been consistently providing the latest technology solutions for real-time communication and online video delivery.

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