The Platform

Xirsys provides all of the infrastructure you need to deploy production grade WebRTC applications in a self-scaling, redundant, global and expert supported network. We have a human-friendly API and built-in support for any 3rd party framework such as SimpleWebRTC and OpenWebRTC to seamlessly bring real-time communication right into your existing applications.


Bandwidth based pricing

Affordable pricing based purely on bandwidth usage, rather than minutes. This allows for diverse applications, from video-chat to IoT and everything in between.

Framework Agnostic

Our service and API is decoupled from any client-side framework allowing you to use our WebRTC platform with the framework of your choice.

Secure Global Network

Deploy your applications across our global network with SSL and DTLS and POPs throughout USA, Europe, Asia, and South America.

The Possibilities

WebRTC creates powerful possibilities across a wide range of use cases including telecommunication, telemedicine, education, customer service, gaming, collaboration, robotics and more.

Leverage HTML5 to create stunning new and innovative applications for audio, video and data communication. It’s easy, just a few lines of code and XirSys has you up and running. Sign up today, and deploy your WebRTC applications to the world.

Want to try out a simple video chat demo? Please click the link below:

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The People

We’ve been obsessed with web-based RTC for nearly 14 years. Xirsys is the birth child of Influxis, the leading streaming and real-time communication hosting specialists since 2002.

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