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STUN and TURN server hosting for WebRTC applications.

Use our WebRTC platform to instantly deploy your real-time applications to the world.


The possibilities

We provide more than awesome NAT traversal and TURN servers. We're innovators. Audio / video, text chat, file share, screen share, streaming, data channels, gaming, robotics, and beyond!

Webrtc cloud

The platform

Don't waste time setting up your own WebRTC platform. We have a human-friendly API and provide simple JavaScript components that seamlessly bring real-time communication right into your existing applications. Hassle-free.

Our pricing is based on bandwidth usage, not minutes, allowing for very diverse use cases from video chat to robotics. Bandwidth usage is the total sum of your server-to-client traffic. And luckily for you, WebRTC is mostly a client-to-client technology.

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About us

The people

We’ve been obsessed with web-based RTC for over 11 years!

XirSys is the birth child of Influxis, the leading streaming and real-time communication hosting specialists since 2002. Yep, we’ve been in this space for a long time, and we like to think we’re the best at it.

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